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|I M P O R T A N T! Please make sure you acquaint yourself with the all information below BEFORE submitting any artwork___*

:star: NEW: If you are submitting a TBF application entry, please submit to OC References, thank you!

:bulletwhite: Irkcellent is first and foremost an ‘art gallery’, not a ’submit-everything-I-draw gallery’. We want to be able to display your most excellent artwork that best represents you as an artist. This implies we will have a bit of a quality standard here and will not automatically accept all artwork. Do not be upset or discouraged if your images are declined though! In addition, we will only accept two deviations per week. Any attempts to submit more than two will mean an automatic rejection of the deviation.

:bulletwhite: Please submit your artwork to the correct folder! Upon entering each folder there will be a description at the top describing the contents, as well as what belongs within that particular folder. If you are still unsure what folder your artwork belongs to, or think there is a category not covered by Irkcellent’s existing folders, simply drop a comment on the home page and an admin will intend to you as soon as possible.

:bulletwhite: The Irkcellent gallery does not prohibit incomplete works such as sketches, WIPs, or line art, or images with white or transparent backgrounds. If you wish to submit a piece with little to no background, it must either have a gradient or small design behind the character.
** While sketch work and line art fall into the incomplete section of our rules, we may be less strict with this rule if it is refined and professional in appearance. Also, some images such as animations or pixel art, depending on quality and length, may be accepted.

[Examples:] Gift #1:: Nova by Octeapi DGGarcie Full Color Full Body by CuddlesAndHuggles

:bulletwhite: Irkcellent does not accept screenshots, heavily referenced art, traced art, or images created with bases. We will not support art theft of any kind. This is not a flexible rule. If the admin suspect your art is heavily referenced, traced, or stolen it will automatically rejected. However, you will be informed of the how and why of this decision.

:bulletwhite: Humans are not accepted in this group. There are a couple exceptions such as 'human disguises’ and canon characters. [Dib, Gaz, Professor Membrane, so on and so forth.]

:bulletwhite: Do not submit fetish or explicitly sexual themed art work. The Mature folder in Irkcellent’s gallery is for all images containing PG-13 content, whether it be excessive gore and violence, suggestive material, or tastefully done nudity. While Irkcellent wants your artwork, we also want to keep our gallery clean given that a majority of the fandom are, in fact, children or young adults.

:bulletwhite: The Cellent's Critique folder is unlimited in the amount of artwork you may submit. We only ask that you use common sense with this folder and not overload our admins with pieces to write reviews for. We would like to create a good, helpful responses for the artwork submitted to this folder. If you are curious to learn more on how Irkcellent’s critique system works, proceed to this link here.

:bulletwhite: RESPECT YOUR FELLOW ARTISTS! This is a very important rule, we will NOT tolerate any bullying, flaming, harassing, or stealing in this group. This should already be widely accepted logic, but we feel we should state it once more so it is clear. Failure to respect this can lead to immediate removal from the group entirely. Any drama that occurs will not be tolerated and for some who simply want to start drama for their own amusement(i.e. trolling), these comments will be hidden and you will be removed from the group. Further provoking will then lead to being banned from the group. If one does have a problem with another member and feel they need to notify the admin for any reason(i.e. "I have a problem with this person, they may try to____" ) don't be afraid to. One of our primary goals here at Irkcellent is to create a friendly and supportive community. We want to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience over all.

:bulletwhite: AND THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL! Have an ‘irkcellent' time! Irkcellent was created to be a fun, easy-going organization to promote growth in artists, old and new, and draw together a fandom often divided. We do apologize if some of the rules are strict, but we thought it was necessary to establish a strong foundation in order to create a healthy and striving environment.

Thank you so much for taking your time reading. If you have any further questions or concerns, simply leave us a comment! And now, by all means, go share some art!

Gallery Folders

Under the Stars by WindWo1f
Peachy by Keeiran
Running on Purple Dunes by TheCau
Wespa with a gun !! by Zmei-Kira
Fibra Fashion Doodles by Zerna
Welcome to Earth by Zerna
Lady Mai in the Massive by Lennylein
Aksel by Zmei-Kira
Zephir by Zmei-Kira
Pagedoll by Zmei-Kira
Brisk and Spry by Zmei-Kira
C.I. color page by Kerro-chan
Collab--Evening Conversation by Zerna
IP Pageant Season Three: Mermaid Dress by SilentRisingSun
Outlaugh verse by Zmei-Kira
Stargazing by Spacesis
Basalalalala by CosAce
PC: Sunrise by SilentRisingSun
Character Redesign - Bahir by CosAce
Robot by 2alexx2
This Is Not The D R O I D You Are Looking For by Joydroid
Sorrow's Sonata by Heavenbat
Meeting the Family by Spacesis
Request - Nikolai by VampireSensei
Queen Meeza of Meekra by Ravenpuff
Almighty Tallest Elite Soliders Xenofighting by Lennylein
15 years of Praising by Zmei-Kira
Global Annihilation: Free today only by MusicalBloodDrop
Blackheart part one by BadLuckAlice
The Secret: Part 1 by Spacesis
Blue paper stars by Zmei-Kira
Secret Santa 2015 by Zontar-Zon
Tales of Doom: pg 35 Redraw by 10yrsy
Twila - Irksona - Reference by Nekomira
FC Ref - Crudge by Tulpen-Teufel
Croi Ref 3.0 by Heavenbat
OSG Height Chart by MusicalBloodDrop

Mature Content

The Turning Point by Heavenbat
Rampage by ZoologyKaM
Cau's Vortian Leg Guide by TheCau
|A S K CELLENT____* by CellentCentral










|I N F O ___*

|H E L L O there, and welcome to this little nook of dA we like to call IRKCELLENT___*

Irkcellent is a community intended for all those Invader Zim artists out there, new and old. We are primarily based around the fandom, and OCs that are made. [However, that doesn't mean we aren't willing to take some canon works as well!] Anything IZ related is accepted here in this group, although please be mindful of the few guidelines we have established to keep this a safe and pleasant environment for all!

Here we make it our personal effort to create a fun, interactive, and engaging group intended to bring together and connect people within the fandom on a more personal level, aid in discovering new artists, and also help grow individually with one another in our abilities! Feel free to let your artistic talents show in this group, cause what is an organization like this without it’s members. As an ‘art gallery’ we will always want to see your art, especially the best of your works! 

New to the community? Don't be afraid to ask any one of our staff for help with any concerns you may have! Whether it be art related, or a question over a method in how we operate, or you are simply wondering how to get involved we will always do our best to assist you in any way we can!

We hope to have this a continously active DeviantArt group, and a social based one at that! We will be holding many contests, raffles, and other such events in the future. So go on, click that join button and become part of Irkcellent today!



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MusicalBloodDrop Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Would something like a height chart for multiple characters be permitted in the OC references folder? Adding a background would make it difficult to see the lines of the chart but I don't know if that would count as a lack of background. Thanks~!
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You guys put my oc up and then took it down? Not good enough for your high standards? The Hell?
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Is this group still active? I haven't been hearing much from it lately.
FaithFirefly Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Professional Filmographer
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Ive been wondering.... by any chance will you guys make like a pixel folder for people to submit?
ProjectHalfbreed Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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ToxicAlienParadox Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hm, do you guys accept literature?  If so is there any rules for that besides no sexual content?  (i.e. at least 5,000 words, no spelling errors) or is this a 'drawings only' group? 
xJen-Jenx Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh did I miss the contest?! aaw
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